[SOLVED] Rhino 6 Zoo licensed deployment

Hi! I’ve been deploying Rhino 5 fro macOS to our EDU computer labs, licensed through a campus Zoo server. With version 5 I could supply a copy of LicensesZooClient.settings in /Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/License Manager/ that was pointed to the Zoo license server, and the app would checkout a license on launch.
For version 6 I noticed that the directory moved (/Library/Application\ Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0/License Manager/) but the files all stayed the same after checking out a license. However, supplying LicensesZooClient.settings does not work in the same manner - the station with the freshly-installed package will launch with the license window regardless of the settings file.

Has anyone configured a deployable package for Rhino 6? If so, any tips?

This is the only information I have:

Thanks John- that information is specific to Rhino 5 though. Rhino 6 works out of its own subfolder in Application Support, and applying the logic from the wiki to that folder does not work.

What do you recommend I do for follow-up assistance?

@dan @dale - Do you think you can help? It seems the wiki page might need an update…

Looks like this is being handled via email.

Resolved. For anyone else having issues, I had to leave the generated license file in the package, in addition to LicensesZooClient.settings. The license file contains the name of the machine on which it was generated but it can be deployed to other stations to have them skip the license prompt.

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