Automatic deployment question Mac

I received the following inquiry from a client which I do not know how to answer:
(translated inquiry)

We would like to deploy Rhino on all Apple machines using Zoo’s floating licenses.
Could you please inform us in which file/plist/folder the connection configurations to zoo server are stored?

We tried with Jamf to deploy the “licenses.settings” file, but it doesn’t work.

Our objective: the user launches rhino and gets a license, without being asked to enter the information to connect to the Zoo server. i.e. a pre-configured setup

Thank you very much in advance for your help and response.

Don’t know what needs to be done in this case.

Edit: had the client on the phone and got some more info:

This is a deployment problem. They are wanting to install 35 new macs with an automatic deployment scheme that automatically sets a switch so that the Rhino install looks for the license in their Zoo - without having to set that up on each individual machine.

I don’t know anything about this stuff, the Wiki info here seems to be for Windows only?

I guess they are looking for this:

I did not see the equivalent for Mac installs, maybe I missed it.

Hi Mitch -

You didn’t miss it. The LAN Zoo server runs as a service on Windows OS only.

No, that’s not it - I know the Zoo only runs on a Windows machine (or virtual perhaps), but they are trying to mass-deploy Rhino to the client side machines - Macs - and they want to automatically install Rhino so that it looks for the license in the Zoo. For the Windows setup.exe, you can set a switch as the Wiki article above indicates. But no documentation for mass deployment on the Mac side I could find.

Got it now, thanks.
Perhaps @brian knows more…

I just linked to these instructions from our deployment page. Does that help?

Thanks Brian, will forward this to the customer!