Sikorsky VS-44

Another flying boat of the 40’s, the fabulous VS 44 that had the longest range. The only 4 engined flying boat able to make a non-stop flight between New York and Foynes in Irland, a key asset during WW II.


Here go a few views of the CAD model.


Dear 3D-Artist, that is a great work! Wonderful reconstruction of the Sikorsky VS-44A Flying Boat.
I’m a mural artist from Germany. In my new project that Sikorsky VS-44A Flying Boat is a important subject. That mural will be about Adel Jenkins which survive the air crash with the Sikorsky VS-44A Flying Boat in Botwood Newfoundland. My question to you is can you pass me the 3D-Data for that mural project. When you like to get a fee please let me know what is the amount you have in mind… Thank you very much! Best wishes from Germany, Steffen Jünemann