Atlas Van Lines - Rhino & Flamingo


@dale check this out!

Looks a lot like a model I made a few years ago.

And the restored, original:

Nice decals, btw.

– Dale

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Nice modeling. Back in 1970 I was in St. Petersburg, FL as a yacht captain on an SORC racing sailboat. While waiting a few days for the first SORC race to start, I was privy to watching and gleefully listening to the Packard Merlin powered Unlimited Class three point hydro’s winding up their engines and practicing for their big event in Tampa Bay. I’ll never forget the sound of those big displacement engines winding up, Wow!

Hi @Robb,

I believe the big boats only ran in Tampa for a few years; the Suncoast Cup I believe.

There is a museum just outside of Seattle that restores and run these old hulls.

– Dale