Shut Lining: question and request

1- Question:
Shut Lining is very useful tool but the 3 profiles available are all the same after using ExtractRenderMesh

2- Request:

  • Extract the exact view with the used profile.
  • Different thickness at chosen points (like in Multipipe),it is useful to create 3d Ornament.

Hi @anon39580149 seems something is off in the WIP, in Rhino 7 I get better results:

edit: upon further inspection, in fact there are no differences, it’s just a display trick with normals, the meshes are the same and this is as designed.

Thanks @Gijs
So no chance to get the right mesh to use it in other softwares

depends on what you define as right and what other software you want to use this in. As far as I know other applications should be able to deal with these normals.
Tbh, I never found shutlining all that useful as it does tend to create uncontrollable artifacts. With the new mesh booleans in Rhino 8 I think you have much more reliable tools at your disposal.