Shrink problem / bug

I had this pipe, and I split with isocurve (shrink=no) and then I ran Shrink. When I did that (as in the top row example), the result was terrible. The result I wanted was like the bottom row (in that case, I used shrink=yes while splitting with the isocurve). Bug or no bug? I think the results should have been identical.

shrink prob.3dm (3.7 MB)

Hi Peter - it does look buggy - crease splitting seems to be overzealous there, it does not look (to me) like there ought to be creases to find. I’ll get this on the pile, thanks.

@phcreates - I guess I see the problem - there is a section of the original pipe where the isos are kinky

and sending the thing through the kink splitter, as I guess ShrinkTrimmedSrf does when it’s done, then it is finding these. I do not know why Split with Shrink is not doing this… there is still something amiss but my guess of the moment is that the answer will lie in that little section of the pipe:



I see - thanks!