Show only materials visible in scene?

Hi Mcneel’ers :slight_smile:
I more often than not use Rhino to set up my render scenes, even if the rendering is done elsewhere. Sometimes when dealing with complex scenes, being architecture, interiors, vehicles or product design, it would be nice to be able to filter the materials visible in the materials tab, by what is visible in the scene. Say I turn off the interior layer(s) of a car, I’d love for all the leather, fabric etc. materials to disappear, so that only the exterior materials remain. It would just make navigating the materials pane much quicker - just as an option, of course, in the right click menu :slight_smile:

Regards, Jakob


Hi Jakob - less automatic, but in theory you can use tags to filter materials - it looks to me like the workflow for this is pretty messy, or broken, at the moment - I’ll look into that - but it should help when it works.


I would like to have the materials I made in the document at the top of the material list too.
If I insert one or more files into my document and these have many materials then the material list is a pain to navigate. Could we please have “our” materials above a thin gray line or something like that?