Show layer when selecting object in viewport?

Looking for an option to find / show layer / sublayer when selecting objects. Is there one?

You can see the layer of the selected object at the bottom end of the screen. In my case I selectedd a line on layer screw::axis

And you could add the layer info in the Selection menu…

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Hei Øyvind -
A few more options:

  • When you select a single object or multiple objects on the same layer, that layer will shown in the Properties panel
  • You can select which information is shown in the field to the right in the status bar by right-clicking that field and making a selection. You’d need the second from the top: Selected object layer
  • You can click the Tools button in the Layers panel and then select Select Object Layer
  • In Rhino 8, that tool has gotten a new command to do the same: HighlightObjectLayers



Cool! Thanks!

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