Show keyboard shortcut when using function

Hi all,

Quick question: I would like to start to know the keyboard shortcuts for several of the functions I often use. Now I could google it every time to find it out. but I was wondering if there was no option to see the shortcut (maybe in the bottom of your window or something) when you activate a function through the gui or by typing a command. Is there something like this? Like the help command that always shows the ‘help documentation’ for the function you’re currently using.

*Edit: I meant the keyboard short cuts (like join = ctrl+J)


The help panel is’nt enough?

What are you actually referring to when you say “shortcut”? Aliases? Command names?

Sorry, I edited the question

As far as I know it does not show the keyboard shortcut. Would be very useful if it does

Well, the Help wouldn’t be a good place to show this as all keyboard shortcuts are editable and could be changed by the user.

Have a look in Options>Keyboard (and start memorizing and/or editing…) I guess…

I had assumed that such a question would come from someone who has not dug too deeply into Rhino options, then a Rhino Help page on Default Shortcuts would probably help.

That works of course, however it’s a bit cumbersome that you always have to browse towards it when you want to look something up. Take for example pycharm: In their menus they show the shortcuts. This is very handy to quickly learn them. It’s not a big deal but it is something useful. But if it doesn’t exist in rhino, then this is the end of this question I guess. Thanks anyway!


You could make the help that is shown for the user dynamic and adjust it to their default shortcuts, just a suggestion.

Just thinking out loud here…
From a development and localization point of view, this might be a tremendous amount of work for marginal benefit. Most users that setup keyboard shortcuts and aliases, will likely remember the customization they created.

Rhino is localized to 9 different languages.
This could get pretty ugly pretty fast.
Also, the pull-down menus are not easily edited by non-developers.

That said, I like the idea.

I don’t know the work needed, but some programs do it. Customized shortcuts are instantly reflected on menus

Why would it be language dependent? ctrl+J is ctrl+J in french, english, spanish and dutch…

The customization they created… What if you don’t customize it? I mostly use the default shortcuts as most developers spent a lot more time thinking what would be good shortcut combinations then I did. No idea how many people use the default shortcuts though.

I’ll let a developer comment.
This is not my area of expertise.