Show/Hide isocurves inconsistency when splitting solids

Using @Kalpit_3d 's file from another post. The file contains a box and a polyline cutting curve. The box has isocurves turned off.

test_isocrvs.3dm (2.3 MB)

If “Show isocurves” is checked in Options>General:

  • Wirecut with the curve (normal to curve, Enter for “through”) results in the upper half getting isocurves shown and the lower half not. Flipping the start/end of the cutting curve does not change this, however interesting is if you invert the curve (red curve in file) then the lower half gets the isocurves.

  • Extruding the surface through and then using BooleanSplit to split the box results in no isocurves being shown on either part of the split box.

  • Using the curve with Split from the right view to simply split the box results in isocurves being shown on both split parts.

  • Anything else that modifies the box - like RoundHole, or even just Explode - shows isocurves on the results.

This inconsistency was already present in V7 and has carried over to V8.