Show hidden lines in technical view mode per detail view

Hi all,
Is it possible to set “show hidden lines” (for technical view mode) only for a particular detail view?

You can make a copy of the technical view display mode and modify that to show hidden lines. Then assign that display mode to the detail.

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@wim, could you describe it step by step, please? Here is what I did but didn’t work:

  1. Set one of the standard viewports to technical view with “show hidden lines” on
  2. Create a floating viewport (NewFloatingViewport) as a copy of active viewport.
  3. Command CopyViewportToDetail which creates a new detail view on a newly created layout.

Unfortuately switching “show hidden lines” back to off influences the detail view too.
Or am I doing it wrong?

I’m on Mac, OSX El Capitan.

@wim, I got it!! Created a new display mode via preferences. That’s what you meant! Thanx

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