Shotcut key/macro for drawing specific polylines?

Hi everyone,

I often need to add the black curves on the screenshot to my drawings. I am looking for a quicker way to add these, be it a macro, shortcut, alias, … Right now I dont know how to do this, so I copy/paste them from a previous drawing or just draw it from scratch. What would be the best way to do this ?

Hi Simon -
Probably the easiest way to do this is to save that polycurve to a new file and then create a macro (that can be run as a shortcut, alias, button) - something like:

-Import “C:[path to your file]\curve.3dm” enter enter move 0

If you create the curve at the world origin, the “move” part will let you move it in position right away…

Hi Wim,

Thanks alot, this works exactly how I wanted.

One small remark: The quotation marks you used were giving me issues. I think Rhino only accepts the “straight” quotation marks.

Edit: Hmmm the forum seems to automatically turn straight quotes into italic quotes

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