Shipdesign shell expansion

Hi! Any shipdesigners here who use Rhino for the shell expansion?

We have a tool in grasshopper that uses intersections in one direction and create new interpolated lines, but lines with arc’s (like the windows) doesn’t work unless the intersection resolution is set very high.

So the question is: is there an automated way to unroll all markings on a surface in only one direction (Y-axis in this case)?

For non-shipdesigners, it’s the shell of the ship with the construction markings → unrolled in the Y-axis (the axis perpendicular to the length of the ship)


can you give the video of this photo ??

I have done these in the past in ShipConstructor; I think if I was going to automate it in Rhino, it would be something like:

-project curves to the XZ plane (assuming Z is vertical)
-make a surface on the XY plane which has width equal to girths sampled along the hull
-flow the projected curves along the “girth” surface


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Hi Thomas,

You mentioned about a tool in grasshopper that uses intersections in one direction and creates new interpolated lines. What was that tool?

Are there any other tools for making shell expansion plan in rhino?

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Can you share your tool for generating the shell expansion drawing? or the instructions on where to find and how to use it

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Has anyone had any luck doing the reverse? APPLYING a shell expansion plan to a hull form? I’ve been fooling around with Flow/FlowAlongSurf etc but can’t get anything to work.

I’m trying to apply the Shell Expansion plan of the Normandie to a hull I’ve modelled.

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can you explain in more details