Shell expanssion

Hi everyone ,

I am naval architecture I need to complex surface expansion , I using command unroll but sometimes this is not enough so I need help what can ı do? a person can do that do you have any or plug in.

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I have tried the “smash” command with varying results…“unrollsrf” won’t work on some of my rather curvaceous hull forms.

thank you I will try this

Squish should give you better results than Smash.

thank you I will try this

“Shell expansion” is not lofting/unrolling of shell plates. Are you sure you’re after the correct thing?

A shell expansion drawing is only to-scale in girth measurements and is used mostly as a reference for parts and weld seams.

Unrolling of surfaces gives full size templates for cutting.

unrolled half hull surfaces are invaluable for defining portions of a hull for FRP laminate assignment; I have used this feature in Rhino for a long time whether it be “squish” or earlier commands found in V4.

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