ShipConstructor to Rhino

Hi All,

Could someone tell me the best workflow to get shipconstructor geometry to Rhino readable solids?
A direct DWG export does not seem to work as SC creates unparsable entities: “ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY”


Which version of ShipConstructor is this?

Older versions created solids.

Last time I worked with SC2015 had no problems, I think I simply imported the DWG files.

I use similar AutoCAD plugins to Shipconstructor that create “ACAD_PROXY_ENTITY”, to produce a native .dwg file I create an ACIS drawing of the model.
The process maybe 2 steps produce ACIS file then import into .dwg file.
Hope that helps

ACIS is a dirty word in solid 3d modeling :slight_smile:

nowadays you can export 3D solids even inside dxf AFAIK

Mmm, I have had success with dwg exports, excluding all curved surfaces. I can’t remember the exact issue, but the AutoCAD/SC definition of a curved surface was a mesh which didn’t export to dwg well. The issue was not related to acad proxy.

Create a new export drawing…

Then drag-and-drop the created dwg from SC directory onto Rhino (5 in this case, haven’t tried 6).


The curved surfaces were created in Rhino so just bring those in from your original rhino model. If you modelled them in Hull I have no idea how you’ll get them into Rhino. I think SSI are working on this development front as we speak, something about lightweight curved geometry exports.

Then you’ll need to do something with all the markings, which make a mess in rhino.

You’re better off exporting curved solids into Rhino. Just export the seams cut your surface and extrude plates in Rhino. That is if you need them there.

Hi Ncik,

Thank you for the detailed explanation. We are looking for a way to transfer 3D geometry out of SC. Indeed we found that curved surfaces are not obviously transferred. I get a feeling SC curved surfaces are mesh based and not NURBS-surfaces. Do you know what type of geometry representation they are?

We have found an apparent option through PublisherLT. We’ll need to see if that offerst the solids we need.


For some reason this never seemed to work, the curved surfaces always created issues upon export. We’ve just come back onto subscription and updated everything so hopefully some bugs were ironed out since last time I used it.

Yes, curved surfaces are some sort of mesh from my understanding. I know nothing more than that.

We’ve now got PublisherLT so will give that a crack on the next project. Hopefully we get better results.

Hi Ncik

This is probably what our customer ran into. Can you elaborate on the type of issues? I’d be happy to know what to look for when scrutinizing the exports.

As for PublisherLT,. If you have some results I’m interested in your finds.


  • Willem

It has been awhile since I’ve played with SC exports, but looking back in the support logs I can provide the following.

This surface parameter spacing is bad for the Hull mesher…

After a Rebuild, this is better…

Playing with rhinos unit tolerance prior to import had a drastic impact on the success and resultant geometry.

This seemed to allow the curved surfaces to export and import into rhino successfully. However, the mesh nature of the curved surfaces was not desirable for reviewing, so I stopped exporting any curved surfaces and just use the original rhino surfaces that were imported into Hull/SC.