DesignCad Max v23.1

I’m trying to send couple of solid models from Rhino 6 to guy on DesignCad Max v23.1 . It looks like 2013 software.
He tells me dxf. or .dwg 2007 Solids doesn’t work so what other format can be used reliably here…


I’d try an .obj or .fbx (if you have materials)

Thanks, but I don’t believe meshes is what he wants.
I’ve red somewhere that DesignCAD 23.1 can read 2013 and 2014 dwg files except I don’t see this option in Rhino export selections.

You might try iges. Or step. What could it hurt.—-Mark

I was afraid somebody would suggest iges… there are so many flavors, which one to choose…:slight_smile:

well I’m sending default… let’s see what happens.

i am not fully sure since my evaluation copy expired, but i believe since rhino 6 obj can also contain Nurbs. that would be then only helpful of course when your designcad also takes these files.

I’d be surprised if it handles NURBS but will give a try. Thanks

It appears it only supports mesh formats, so an ACIS solid in a DWG would likely be ignored unless converted to a mesh first.

Although, It might have a built in mesher to convert the solid?

I already have this model in meshes ( stl ) for 3d printing. If he can use mesh to draw assembly instruction than problem would be solved.

“OBJECT” if you want to export NURBS models to 3DS Max. “STEP AP214” if you export to SolidWorks or other solid modeling CAD software.

Yes I used STEPAp214 among other formats and am waiting for his reply…:slight_smile:


Back in the 1990s, I used to use DesigCad. It was cool because it was cheap and scriptable. I think I still have a few files from back then.

Were you able to import and export ACIS solids…?

I just wanted the files for reference, so I just exported them as DFX and STL.
I just looked at the new version of DesignCAD; the GUI is a mess. The 1990s version looks better,