ShigeruBan Columns in center

Hi freinds.
I want put columns in desired places or attract to curve as i draw,at least in center of object, but my columns sit only on corners((

Shigery Ban (14.9 KB) Cafe Shigery.3dm (187.9 KB)

At first I added some groups with explanations. It finds the nearest distance of your column points to the edge. If less than the maximum top circle radius, it moves it such that it is (+ a little bit so the curves don’t overlap so that Boundary Surface works.)

I’ve snapped it to the grid of points so your the columns touch down - you may need to increase the fudge factor above to ensure the top circles stay inside your boundary curve.

OR Maybe try offsetting the curve inwards by your maximum radius to to generate points? That’s much easier. May need to increase the offset as above to ensure the boundary surface works.

Both included in case there is anything helpful for the future.
Shigery Ban (29.4 KB)

thanks so much! second is much easier and more functional i guess, even i thought about this but for unknown reason skip this idea)). Anyway thanks for both option. I also tried to offset curve to make ribs but its not ofsetting same width on all way. How to ofset in correct way?