Define Colum shape through control points solved

Hi Everyone,
I a pretty new in gh progrma and I would like some help about this basic issue.

I would like to create a surface from several points, and have the opportunity change (wide or reduce) each edge once is array to see which size of columns fit better.

I tried with graft trees and branches tress but that when i move the edge the solid doesn t follow the edge.
There is any tutorial or book that explane this symple step ?
thanks for your support.

column (15.0 KB)

thanks for your help

i found out this way to move the external edges but i dont thinks its the right way to do it, i am afraid it will give me some problem in the future steps.

I am not clear as to what your final objective is.
The final component is extrude and you have to feed into it the base surfaces and their respective heights. In the definition bellow I copied the produced surface on each of the points of a grid.
Does this help? What more do you want? (13.3 KB)

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Take a look at the attachment…

column (12.2 KB)


oh wow, Yes !! this is exactly what I d like to do!! thank you so much, after all wasn’t that easy as I imagined ;).

Thanks for your reply guys.

I solved many issued, thank to your help .
the issue that I didn’t solved yet is how to treat the angle, how can I create a ‘rule’ to keep the angle and dont overcome the columns ? and how can i get the angle as ‘starting point’ in order to avoid some strong overcome or distance difference from the other columns ?
my goal is to reach an Homogeneous distribution.

thanks again
column (23.5 KB)

Try to use Orient

column (17.5 KB)

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Stunning, simply perfect !

did you perhaps also write the component control the angle ? because I can t find.
In case don t worry you went more than far for me .

What angle?

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I mean when you increse or decrese the array louvers, the angle is always different (i.e attached pic) I would like to find a way to keep both exterior angles always the same direction ( maybe with 45 degree to emphatize the corner) and with the same distance of the others louvers.
i tried this way even to flip the other louvers with rotate 3d geometry.column (32.7 KB)

Try attached demo…

column (24.5 KB)


Oh yes, this would be impossible doing by my own.
do you have any wesite ? i d like to see your works