Shift from FBX to USD format?


I’ve heared there is a shift in the animation industry from the FBX to USD file format:

Is the USD format needed in Rhino?



Well, at least I do not need another Autodesk format (FBX) and went with TensorFlow and PoseNet for manual moves of that human ergonomics model. Most of the engineering is generic anyways.

I don’t know anything about USD format but I see many potential use-cases with Rhino. Not just scenery also a timeline in architectural projects, BIM, logistics and product live cycle processes…

Do you plan to support it? Open source?

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For those who wonder what USD is:

Following up with this, it would be nice to support USD in Rhino.

The latest Rhino 8 WIP has support for exporting to USD format. It is still very early in development and is actively being worked on. We haven’t even really announced it yet as there is still quite a bit of work to do.


This is great news.

voronoi box

I have not read too much in depth but I was wondering if Rhino could export *.usdz too?

I’m creating these animations with ( and *.usdz is required for the AR animations to work on iOS.

Until now I exported *.glb and used a free online service at aspose to convert the *.glb to *.usdz

GLB to USDZ: online GLB to USDZ converter for free (

It would be great if Rhino could export *.usdz

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This is part of what we are investigating. I do believe that we can eventually support usdz with this file export plug-in; it is just not available as of today.


Thanks Steve! Looking forward to not having to go to aspose.