Rhino 3D for Film Production

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quickly wanted to share a YouTube video i made.
in this video, i am talking about how we can effectively use Rhino 3D in the art direction/set design/presentation in the film making workflow.
i am talking about AR, VR and other stuff.
i hope peope in this forum might enjoy this.


Thanks!! We have a great crew of folks who use Rhino for film and set design-

Hi @Imai ,
Nice video :slight_smile:
What do you think about the USD-Format for this approach?

and more here: https://graphics.pixar.com/usd/docs/index.html

Best, Jess

Thanks @Jess,
USD format was actually new to my radar. but i am definitely looking into it right now.
it seems promising if the data is in ASCII format, then any web app can edit the data easily.

one important factor in the AR presentation in our field is the interactive-ness. that means users can not only see the 3D object projected in real life environment, but also modify some parameters, changing the color/texture, changing the length of a certain shape (not just scaling the whole thing), etc.

the plugin i used at site in the video was Fologram. and it can produce the AR directly from Rhino program. within Fologram app, you can turn ON/OFF of layer visibility and change the parameters in the Grasshopper.
and if you move an object in AR by swiping on the mobile screen, that move would be transferred back to the original Rhino model in real time.
that was actually very important for me, and you can actually see that we are doing that in the video (although it is not too clear)

i don’t know what kind of data structure Fologram is using in order to communicate with Rhino geometry, a file structure like USD should make all the operation easy for everyone.
i wonder how NURBS is interpreted in USD format, and how Rhino in the future would handle the format like USD.

Hi @Imai ,

Sorry, I was misled by the topic of your post.
I’ll have to start a new topic about some kind of “timeline” feature in Rhino…

Best, Jess