Shell section polylines problem

Hi everyone!
I’m currently making shell sections on a simple vault by using an array of lines as sections. My problem is that the imput takes 45 polylines and extracts the values on 41. I tried to change the input and to move the lines, but nothing seems to work. It seems like there’s an area on the shell where it’s impossible to find the results (the yellow one in the image attached).
Do you have any idea on the reason why? Do you think there’s an error in the definition of the model?
Thank you in advance!

Hi, can you please share the script so that we can help check it.


Sure, here’s the script and the linked 3dm. Thank you very much.
InputSurfaceKimbell_EQUALMESH.3dm (88.0 KB) (33.5 KB)

Hi Arianna,
sorry for the late reply. Your curves are below your shell and the default project direction is downwards. If you set the vector to upwards, then all the sections are defined properly: