Can't visualise shell analysis results

Dear experts,

I’ve spent the whole day trying to visualise the deformations of some cylindrical shell with Karamba, but I can’t find the way. I must be missing some obvious stuff in my (45.6 KB), would you help me?

Everything seems fine since I can see that the displacement values are being computed when I hover mouse over Analyze´s Disp output. However, I can’t show any deformation, loading, utilisation, etc in ModelView or ShellView.

I’ve checked that displacements are not overflow so the structure does not blow up. The only thing that can be visualised in ModelView are just the Reactions. My Karamba and Rhino are ok since the Shell_Beam_Comparison example works fine.

Thanks in advance!

Dear @Vigardo,
there is something strange with the Model View component in your definition. If you try to replace the Model View component, it might work. This is what i tried and it seems to show the geometry.

Thank you very much Matthew, it was diving me crazy!

By the way, is there a simple way to assign different cross-section thicknesses depending on height? I think I can deconstruct the mesh into faces, and then use the z-axis coordinate to generate a list of thicknesses to match elements list accordingly. But it should be a better way. Would you shed some light on this?

Hi @Vigardo, you can input a list of thicknesses which will correspond to the mesh vertices in your input mesh.