Shell forces

Hello everybody. I need some help: I have a shell made up of square meshes. The shell was generated by a simple 5x5 m surface, transformed into mesh. The mesh is composed of 10 faces along the x-direction and 10 faces along the y-direction. With the command “shell forces” I get the values of the forces in the points shown in the figure (divide the square mesh into two right triangles and consider the center of gravity of each, and at that point it calculates the force). Instead I would like to know the value of the forces in the points at the nodes of the square mesh (I am attaching photos for a better understanding). Is it possible?

→ Where Karamba calculated the forces.

→ where I need

Hello @Monica,
in Karamba3D 2.0.0 WIP there is the ‘ShellSection’-component with which you can calculate cross section forces along arbitrary cuts.
– Clemens

I have Karamba3D 1.3.2. And I paied for the license. Can I download Karamba 2.0 without problems?

Hi @fallarinomonica, the license works for WIP 2.0, If you have issues, please email us.