Shell forces from user defined area


How can I get shell forces out on a certain point/area? I want shell Mx and My moments on certain distance from the supports to both x and y directions. I tried first with a simple beam and modeled another smaller beam between the points that I wanted my results (see pic1). I got the moment forces by doing this.

What would be the best way to get any forces on a point or on an area when working with shell structures? Do I need to design smaller shell elements to the areas? I am trying to make fem design of pile supported slab. My goal is to get reduced Mx and My moments, which are on certain distance from the supports (see pic2).



Hello @marven.mansour,
in Karamba3D 2.0.0 WIP (see there is the ShellSection-component which can be used to retrieve cross section forces from shells along arbitrary sections. In build 201020 the component basically works and will be improved (render option for cross section force diagrams) and made more stable in further WIP releases over the next weeks.
– Clemens

Thank you Clemens, this is what I needed.


I’m sorry. How is possible that “ShellSection” command doesn’t exist in my Karamba?

@fallarinomonica: it is a new feature of Karamba3D 2.0.0 WIP which can be downloaded from
– Clemens

thanks. Do you have a guide to how to download it?

Hi, each release has different versions for Rhino and you simply need to download and install.