Shell analysis with Karamba

Hi everyone,
I’m using karamba to perform a shell analysis with your tool. I’m wondering if someone knows how to deal with the followings operations:

  • Apply a triangular uniform load, as should be a soil pressure on a wall
  • Display the shell forces as it is done for the utilization option, and not only as a list of values
  • Define a surface spring
    Thank you in advance

Hi @ab12,

“Triangular” loads can be simulated with the MeshLoadVariable, where you can define the load on each face of your mesh -

Please clarify what you mean by displaying the shell forces - The ShellForces gives you an ouput of the forces on each face of your mesh, and you can map these values to your meshfaces -

At the moment it is not possible to define surface springs, however you can either define zero length line springs between surfaces, or you can look into 2.0.0 WIP version of Karamba to test out the line-joint component

Hi Matthew,
is there any update to the surface springs now in karamba3D? I am looking to model the soil for settlement study.
I see there is line joint in version 2.2.0, do you have any video/tutorial how to use this to model surface/soil springs?

Hi, in Karamba3D 2.2.0 Line Joints are implemented. You can find a short introduction to them in this video: Karamba3D TidBits #20 Line Joints - YouTube