Shell forces

Good morning. I’m running an analysis of a shell with karamba. The shell was generated by a simple 5x5 m surface, transformed into mesh. The mesh is composed of 10 faces along the x-direction and 10 faces along the y-direction. With the command “shell forces” I get a list of N values in kN/m. What does it mean? Are they linear N values? How can I get a punctual N value? In short, I need values in kN.
V vaules in kN and not in kN /m
M values in kN m and not in kNm/m
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Hi @fallarinomonica,

The shell forces for n and v always result in kN/m and m in kNm/m as these are along a particular axis. To calculate punctual values you need to consider a length unit.

Sorry, could you be more precise? What does “cosider a lenght unit” mean?

You can refer in order to calculate such values. The results from Karamba show the values for each meshface.

thanks so much for the link. I understand that to make sure that Nxx, Nyy, Mxx, Myy etc are punctual the length of the faces that make up the mesh must be 1, right?