Shell and keep cavity?

anyway this is possible? i’d like to keep the volume it is removing.

Have you tried offsetcrv command with solid as no? Then cap or make a surface to close.—Mark

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i’m not following you, i’d like to keep the area shell cuts away. not sure what you mean?

you can extract the thickness surfaces and copy the inner surfaces, then join the first surfaces again.

you can do it via copy/paste and undo

  • Shell the object
  • ctrl-C
  • undo
  • ctrl-V
  • then do a boolean difference with the two

i tried that but the boolean difference is failing on the attached file

example.3dm (126.9 KB)

hmm, that would work if i only removed only one surface i think.

you can extract as many surfaces as you want. the boolean sugestion is not good because it have to work with almost all coincident surfaces and that often lead to errors.

i just did one manually like you said and it wasn’t too bad.

in that example would be something like this:

( I moved the red and blue surfaces to make it more clear)


that’s freaking brilliant! that’s priceless to me.

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