Beam and slabs


I’ve been trying to connect horizontal Beams to a shell without any success…

The process I followed is :

  1. creating the columns and beams
  2. split the beams with the ‘Karamba’ - “LLinter”.
  3. subdivide the beams (between 5 to 10 subdivision).
  4. collect the subdivided beams’ endpoints’ - removing duplicates
  5. adding the points to the ‘Karamba’ - “Mesh Breps”

The Results are showing little to no effect from the beams to the shell concerning utilization and displacement.
Besides, once connecting the model the ‘Cross Section Optimisation’ - The Result had reached up to cross-sections of concrete 1000cm Height (50cm width) and still got and a notification - ‘The biggest cross-section is not big enough’.

When removing the slabs, the results are reasonable.


Hi @shabelson,

can you please share the definition so that we can help you look at it for you

cross section opt acting (113.8 KB)

Hi @shabelson,

your cross sections were wierdly created, I have simplified it in the definition. Also, some of the beams are not connected to the core walls. In your definition the slabs are not internalised so I cannot see them. Also make sure to select the smaller cross section to assign to the beam before doing the cross section optimisation.

cross section opt acting (92.2 KB)

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the quick response, but I think you’ve sent me the wrong file…

I’m reloading the correct file with the slabs internalized.


Shaharcross section opt acting (125.9 KB)

Hi @shabelson

i have just fixed the file. sorry