Sheet metal bump form layout

Hoping someone here can help me, Ive got a sheet metal cone, it is irregular and offset, or oblique, and is not a true radii on either end of the cone… I am able to unroll the surface, and that gives me my flat pattern… but i need the bend lines to bump form or step break it… ( to tight to be rolled)

The iso curves shown on the surface look like they could be the bend lines? maybe?.. help?

The 3dm is here below the pictures… If someone can help it would be most appreciated… Thanks!

cone 3dm.3dm (9.0 MB)

Hello- I do not know about the forming part but it looks to me like you could simplify the model a good deal and get something cleaner - here’s a quick shot at it.

coneMaybe.3dm (1.5 MB)

@evalangsdon - v6 file now.


Thanks Pascal… I cannot open this file it says because it was made in rhino7… i hace rhino 6… can you send it another way?

Pascal downgraded his file to R6. This post seems relevant… Precision sheet metal bending, bump by bump