Cplanes construction

How do I construct C planes without creating an object and then specifying the cplane with respect to that object?

Hello - the CPlane command has a lot of options - the 3point one may be what you need?


Hi pascal,
I need to generate a cplane parallel to the world plane

Hi Pavan - use Cplane > Elevation or CPlane > Through, with the World XY plane active in the viewport.


Dear Pascal,

Yes I just got it now. Can please let me know this rotation of cplane?

Thanks and Regards

Hi Pavan - all the command line options are on the CPlane command, including Rotate -

Command: _Cplane CPlane origin <0.000,0.000,0.000> ( All=No Curve Elevation Gumball Object Rotate Surface Through View World 3Point Undo Redo ):


Thanks a lot Pascal! :+1: