Sharp fillet question

is there any component to create sharp fillet? i create one and i want know if already exist or not.

I think it work fine now
I use script created by Giulio Piacentino to check if point is on curve

and “trim curves with points”, a very useful component from Pufferfish

sharp (18.8 KB)

This is my try with champer and fillet distance options.

Fillet (20.5 KB)

nice work
you need add option to like in rhino :


Fillet (22.9 KB)

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much better

you can also do something like this, for a case with a line and a curve: (28.6 KB)

then fillet from that point like you did already

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Thank you
I hope someone can make a component
Many simple tools are missing and they are not difficult to created

In the case of these curves, more parameters are needed to solve the problem … It seems like the need for a component and a code editorSHARP (26.8 KB)SHARP (36.5 KB)

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i made other solution but i don’t have time to check it or try this file