Need connect in grasshopper (extended intersection curve )

need connect in grasshopper (extended intersection curve ) similar connect command in rhino6… “connect"in grasshoper… connects at the first and the end of the two curves, but I need to connect the two intersection(extended) of curves. This is done in the “connect command” in Rhino 6, and the result in the Rhino is different from the result of the” connect" instruction in grasshopper…You can test

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A drawing would help.:woozy_face:

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Use intersections and extensions, see attached for an example with lines.

Connect (10.1 KB)


This topic may help you, too.

Hi Michael, could this definition join Pufferfish sometime in the future? I think it will be greatly appreciated because it will fill the gap for a rather common operation.

This was driving me up the wall as well, as it turns out Wombat has a component that handily defaults to a radius of zero: