Fillet curve at a prameter


I’m trying to fillet a closed curve at diferent parameters, but this component gives different curves for each of the fillets it makes.
I could use the regular fillet component but this is a part of a much larger definition, and the curve will have sometimes just one corner, sometimes five and sometimes none. I can deal with it when it has no corners by using the regular fillet component and using a small python script ( I’m thinking on using both of the fillet components and will use the result depending if the curve has any discontinuity or not, still fighting with it though, but I guess I will succeed )

Is there any way to get just a curve with all the fillets using the fillet crv at a parameter component ?

I have found that Pufferfish has the component Prude Curve that makes exactly what I’m pretending, but I would like not to use any external plug-in.

Fillet crv at a (7.2 KB)



Pufferfish isnt filleting in this case, it is blending. If you want to do it in GH the way Pufferfish does then you can do something like this:

1.Find the discontinuity parameters
2.Shatter the curve at these parameters
3.Shorten each segment with negative values in the extend compnents
4. Connect all the segments with the connect curves component

If you need a fillet just use the other fillet component.

Fillet crv at a (8.3 KB)

Hi Michael;

Thanks for your prompt answer.
I’m attaching here a particular case. It is a curve with just one discontinuity.
I cannot use any of the methods, nor your definition (gives an outer bulge as a result, not a filleted curve ), neither the regular fillet component, as it gives a very small curve as a result.

The ideal would be to get a filletet curve at all the discontinuity parameters, but unfornutanetly that component gives diferent curves for each discontinuity ( on the cases that has more than one ).

Do you have any other idea that could suggest to solve the issue?


Fillet crv at a (6.9 KB)

Firstly, I think you need to understand the terminology.

Fillet = degree 2 arc curve (part of a circle)
Blend = a tangent or curvature based connection

Which do you need?

Also, you didn’t internalize your recent curve.

If a blend, then you should use blend curve on this case, not connect. You cannot connect curve if you have only one segment. Also no need to shatter, you cannot shatter a curve just at its seam.

Fillet crv at a (6.9 KB)

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Hello Michael,

Yep, that terminology always confused me since, aren’t fillet and blend the same in some cases? or at least very similar ? I’m quite confused with that.

I’m adding here the definition, now with two diferent situations. Now with the curves internalised, I missed before, sorry about that.

The right one has two corners and the regular fillet component works perfectly, this is what I’m trying to get, when that curve has one corner ( see the result on the left curve is a very small curv , is it a bug of the component ? )

Is there any way to get that result when the curve has one or more corners ?


Fillet crv at a (9.8 KB)

They are not the same I’m any case especially when it comes to things like reflections. A fillet is a perfect arc segment (part of a circle). A blend is a continuity between either tangency or curvature. Fillets are always degree 2 curves in their control point structure.

Got it, thanks.
Then I need to fillet all the corners of the curve.
As I mentioned before, when there’s just one corner the fillet component generates a very small curve, but it works well when there are more than one corner, is that a bug
Is there any way to get all the corners filleted, even if it is just one?