Rhino for Mac hole array issue

Hello I am working on a Audi R8 model to sharpen my Rhino skills. I have been using mostly curve network commands to build the body panels. I am currently working on a metal mesh screen that fits into an air intake just behind the doors. I created a array of squares that represent the holes punched in the sheet metal part. I tried to use the make whole command with the entire array and the software froze but did not crash. I had trouble setting the depth and was able to free up the file for control Zing many times. I was amazed that Rhino Mac didn’t crash. I have since tried boolean operations and split after extruding a solid from a curve through the target surface. I then used project to create the array on the panel surface and used trim to remove the face on a couple of squares leaving the two surfaces unconnected by bridging surfaces. to use this approach will take forever. What do you recommend?

Two thoughts come to mind that may help. First, if you just want the mesh to look like a screen but you aren’t in need of actual geometry to manufacture it, I’d instead use a material that has a transparency texture map in it. There are a few examples of this in the material library but it’s essentially a black and white image that controls what’s see through and what’s not. However, if you need actual geometry, I’d use Split instead of trim with your projected curves and delete all the trimmed surfaces filling the holes. OffsetSrf with the solid option enabled of the remaining surface would produce a solid screen. Like this… screensolid.3dm (1.5 MB)


Thanks for the reply. I did complete the original with a way too time consuming technique. Then I tried the woven texture with a file that I had and thought could be interesting.
Here is a screenshot. I will try the offset surface with solids enabled. Thanks again!

I have tried the offset approach. I have been able to project the curves to the surface. You mentioned using split and deleting the small square split faces. In other software I have used you can change the section from touch or cross to an area selection that requires you to envelope the complete object. Is there a way to do this in Rhino? I have checked preferences and the selection menu. Here is where I am showing source curves and curves projected to surface. Thanks for any response.

I google selection and found the difference between windowing starting on the right (selects everything that the box touches), and starting on the left, (selects only the items that are completely in the window). This is a great way to handle the selection preference but I didn’t come across it until now.

Good online selection tip link: http://www.rhino3dhelp.com/tips/selection-paradise/

Regards, Mike

Yes, that’s correct, the direction of the fence selection controls if all of the intended objects need to be within the fence. I also like another tip here when making this many trimmed surfaces… you might be using it already… with all the surfaces selected still after the Split, just cmd + click the trimmed surface that is not a hole to deselect it. Then just Delete all the hole surfaces at once.

Thanks again Brian, great advice.