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I am trying to use the ShapeMap plugin to create textures on an enclosure. The enclosure was designed in Fusion 360 and imported into Rhino. The surface is divided into many parts. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find suitable resources for this process. I have reviewed numerous Rhino forums regarding “ShapeMap,” but none have been helpful. If anyone could share information or resources, it would be greatly appreciated. I have also attached some references for your review.

Thank you.

This is the enclosure i want to apply textures that move along the surface

I am trying to apply a texture similar to this onto the surface of the enclosure.


Perhaps @Dixon or @Ansen.A can offer tips?

Hello, we have prepared two videos explaining how to design textures on complex curved surfaces. These videos compare different processes and their characteristics, including Shapemap.

The videos are narrated in Chinese but come with English subtitles for you to follow along.

Once you have installed shapemap, you can find a .gh sample file in the following directory.


This sample already includes a planar texture. You can replace the pattern in the sample with your own design. Note that shapemap can only map point objects or curves onto shapes.

If you want to create texture thickness on a 3D model surface, you’ll need to use other components based on the curves mapped onto the 3D shape to complete your design.

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Hi Ansen.A,

I have watched the video and tried to follow the instructions, but I haven’t been successful. Could you please assist me with this?

Thank you for your response.
enclosure.3dm (439.1 KB)

You say you didn’t manage to do it but your shape seem very near from this discussion

What were the problem when using the script posted ?
And on first post you didn’t even post a file.

@Thomasgt101 looking at the file there is already a first error, surfaces are disconnected, you need to join the exterior faces to make a Brep.