ShapeDiver's C# with gltf shapediver display


I’m trying to use new gltf display for ShapeDiver (Plugin v1.9.1) with ShapeDiver’s C# Script for optimised instancied meshes. Result displaying correctly with legacy ShapeDiver Display, Not the new one =( Any tips ?


The new glTF 2.0 Display component makes use of the new attributes system, including for attaching transformations. Instead of the old script, you can use the new “Attach Transformations” component to achieve the same results, with better performance and a preview of the result in the Rhino viewport.

Please refer to this documentation article for more details:

At the moment, the ShapeDiver Display component does not yet work with the new attributes system but it soon will be the case. In the meantime, the C# method is still the way to go with this component.

Thank you Mathieu, i’ll use that solution!