Shapediver Supported Plugins List

Is there a comprehensive list of supported plugins kept anywhere? If there is I’m struggling to find it!

This is the list of plugins currently supported. We are very close to releasing our new website including proper documentation, where you will be able to easily find this information. We will post here once it’s available.

  1. Peacock (plugin contains encrypted clusters, any version, each model gets approved case by case, so once you upload we manually review it and either approve it or not)
  2. PhylloMachine (same as above)
  3. FabTools (same as above)
  4. Weaverbird -
  5. MeshEdit -
  6. Exoskeleton2 -
  7. LunchBox - 2016.3.21.0
  8. Noise 4D -
  9. Plankton - 0.4.2
  10. Human - 1.1.0
  11. Jackalope -
  12. Clipper -
  13. Squid (ShapeDiver Edition) -

There are no previous version of some plugins on food4rhino site, only newest. For example, there is only newest version of Clipper (0.0.23 version) at food4rhino site. From that reason, I can’t use Clipper in Grasshopper, because I don’t know how to get older version. I would recommend you to share links for downloads of older versions of plugins installations somewhere on shapediver forum.

Thanks in advance

We put together an archive containing all the currently supported plugins, find it here along with the complete list of plugins that will be regularly updated: