Heteroptera has wrong version

I just noticed that the Heteroptera version that you support and the one you have in your zip file with the supported versions are not the same.

In your zip file from: https://support.shapediver.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015208052-List-of-supported-third-party-Grasshopper-plugins under “download it here” you have Heteroptera version 5.8.5, but than it complains that only up to 5.2.6 is supported!??!

Could you either update to support 5.8.5 or let us know where we can download version 5.2.6 that would be great.

The only available versions from Food4Rhino are or, so not sure where the 5.8.5 or 5.2.6 comes from.


We currently are working on support for version which will be released next month.

That’s great. But can you send us a version of, so we don’t have to wait till next month to upload our script, please.

On Food4Rhino I can’t see a way to download old versions or did I miss something?

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Here is the currently supported version of Heteroptera:

heteroptera_0_5_2_6.gha (852.5 KB)

I’m having the same issue but with different versions.
Online I can only find the 0.7.x but you support the most recent version 0.6.4
Can you please provide the latest version you support?
thanks in advance!


You can always download their latest supported versions here: Supported third-party Grasshopper plugins

I know it’s a real mess with the versions. Especially now that PackageManager is actually the better way to download plugins. Also it means you can never use the latest versions of certain plugins but have to stay on the ones Shapediver supports. Switching between versions is not so easy at the moment.

Hi Armin,
thank you so much for the link and the answer.

I didn’t notice it, of course, I was going directly to the plugin I needed.

Would it be very useful if every plugin had the option to download the most recent compatible one only instead of redirecting to the plugin website that, mostly, the version there is not compatible… just a hint for the Shapediver staff =)

see you around,

Hi @seltzdesign and @mar.bonanni
The currently supported version is We will announce support for the latest update soon, once we have finished reviewing the plugin (Check out this blog post to know why even updates to plugins require a manual review, currently).
Apologies for the delay on the update for Heteroptera, we will support it soon.
Here’s the gha for the currently supported version:
heteroptera_1.gha (1.1 MB)

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