ShapeDiver rejects model

Hello ShapeDiver support team, have a happy and fruitful 2024 year!

I have a problem - Shapediver rejects my model with ## Error: Could not inspect script component.
The model is update of previously uploaded one, I even download from the platform previously uploaded version of it and tried to upload it again, and the same error appeared.
Can you please check it? Thanks!


Could not inspect script component
Model uuid: 9b02e534-4a30-482a-ba53-74be7d19248a
Model guid: 195254c7-c36b-4661-a627-1692bde64d4f

Hello, sorry for didn’t provide this info earlier, my ShapeDiver profile is ShapeDiver.

There was an issue yesterday for models containing Python scripts. We have now fixed the issue, you can try to upload your model again. However, I think the checking process of your model times out as well (it takes more than 30 seconds). This is likely due to the number of scripts and the overall high number of components in the definition. Consider simplifying your definition, breaking it down in several smaller ones, or upgrade your account to access higher computation time limits.

Thank you very much! It works now.