ShapeDiver, more supported component for mesh pipe to be lighter?

The products I made for my website always involved with ‘Pipe-like’ kind of geometry.
Most of the time, I was using a C# component provided by ShapeDiver, indeed it’s faster than the default one.
Still, I was comparing the computational time and mesh quality between this C# component and the other mesh pipe component.

I realized that under the same settings/input, the mesh pipe component from NGon is quite good in terms of Speed and Quality.

Is it possible that in the future this component can be supported by ShapeDiver?
Curious to know!

I cannot find the component you are referencing in your post (mesh pipe from ngon…), I am assuming it is part of a 3rd party plugin we do not support yet. If you give me the name of the plugin, we can evaluate whether we can support it.

As an alternative, we have recently started supporting Mesh Tools, which contains a “Parameter Pipe Mesh” component you might find interesting to evaluate, we use it ourselves for project work with great success.

Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for your reply.
Please see the screenshot here, that’s the component to make mesh pipe.