Speed questions


Im trying to optimize my model a bit so it calculates faster. In that regard, I’ve got some questions:

1: It seems to go faster in Grasshopper with Parallel computing off in my case, at least according to Profiler. Would that also be the case on Shapediver?

  1. I have got Brep wireframe on to make the edges look sharp, would this displaying of edges impact time to render on Shapediver much?

  2. Even though i have very simple shapes the simplemesh component in Grasshopper seems only to make optimal mesh solutions for polysurfaces made out of quadangular faces, The other ones break and get missing faces even though they are also very simple. How much does it impact speed that meshes are not minimal/optimal. The standard “course mesh grasshopper mesh setting component” also seems to make to unnecessarily many faces, but does it matter much really?

  3. Is profiler a good indicator, or are there other ways to asses it, and there any other things i should look for?

  1. Yes, multi-threading Grasshopper components work as expected on ShapeDiver’s servers.

  2. Displaying edges has impact on rendering but it might be negligible/acceptable depending on complexity of your model.

  3. Quality of meshes really matters and creating geometry in optimal way makes (often huge) difference. You could build your simple shapes as simple meshes straightaway.

  4. Profiler is a good indicator, Bottleneck Navigator form MetaHopper lists components by processing time and it’s handy in the optimisation stage.

You can learn more about various meshing techniques in this video tutorial and I recommend to watch the whole series. It will give you lot of ideas how to improve your models for the best performance in ShapeDiver. We also recently organised a webinar on building cloud applications, recording here and more tips and tricks on our blog.