Shapediver-Bug: "Parameter Validation"-Feature turns itself off during loadup

Hello dear Dev-Team and Shapediver Users,

I have a problem withe the “Parameter Validation”-Feature.
In the configuration page of my Shapediver-Model. The “Parameter Validation”-Option is enagled and
in the preview, of the View and Slider configurator, the Feature can be used as espected. And I saved
the Model with this configuration.
But, when I start up the Model as a User, during the loading of the model, the “Parameter Validation”-Option desables itself, in front of my eyes. If it loads slow enough, I can click on the pen-icon to configure the view and can see how the Toggle turns itself off, on its own.
Is this intended, and I miss something obvious or is this a bug?

If someone can reproduce the bug, or knows a solution to my problem, pls write it here.
I’m very grateful for any kind of help.

My apologies for inconvenience. The bug has been filed and we will work on fixes as part of the major platform upgrades coming early next year. Thank you for reporting this and your patience.

So - as per my other message - I have this same issue.

There is no work around?

My code is close to unusable if ‘Parameter Validation’ is not enabled.

I’m paying what is to me a fairly large sum of money to host my code on Shapediver - completely not happy for a bug like this not to be fixed within a few days.


The fix for saving the parameter validation option in model settings has been released.