Shapediver 3d viewer not working

I am testing out a kiosk concept for the shapiver model integrated into Shopify. The monitor is called a smart touchscreen monitor powered by android.

On chrome, All the controls work with touch, accept for the viewer. The 3d model is not moveable or scaleable at all

So we moved to Firefox as the browser and it works

Currently everything I own is an apple. The phone, tablet and desktop , using chrome all works fine

What do you think is the issue…it has stumped my IT guy

Hi @Larry_Trimboli ,

Apologies for the late reply. A fix for this has been deployed to the platform and to viewer version 2.12.8

so is there anything i need to do? or should it now work?

We will get in touch with the developer of the Shopify plug-in for ShapeDiver to ensure that the version of the viewer gets updated there.

he is a pain in the butt—fyi

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