Shameless plug for my robotic workshop

Hi folks,

I posted an ad in the “Jobs and Portfolio” section for my new robotic workshop : Xylotica.

My long-term goal is to focus on the milling of complex wood structures with raw timber, making use of joinery inspired by traditional carpentry, but with a parametric twist.

I also welcome aspiring robot programmers who would like to follow the same path : I can organize hands-on training sessions and share my 7 years experience with KUKA robots.

Cheers !


Here’s our first Youtube video, featuring wood, photogrammetry, quad remesh, offline simulation, robotic 7 axis milling…what’s not to love ?


That is pretty cool. Where are you located?
Bill Amaya

Thanks !
I’m in Albi, France.

Really cool stuff!!! Thanks for showing.
May I ask what photogrammetry software you use?

Hi Jørgen,

nice to hear from you.
I use “Reality capture” or “Capturing reality” ; they don’t seem to be sure what their own name is…
I found it to be head and shoulders above the others I’ve tested, and although it isn’t free, their “pay-per input images” scheme is quite advantageous. I might purchase the software outright when I pump-up the steam and automate the process of shooting the photos with the robot and turntable.

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Hi Olivier,
I can’t wait to see more of your stuff! Great artistry and overengineering is right down my alley! Great to hear that CR works well, I just installed it on my machine before heading off to the mountain and the quick test I did was really promising. Cheers!

Here’s a wooden beercap.

And no, Jörgen, it’s not hollow.


Gorgeous! Made me thirsty… :wink:
Is it oak? And what is the diameter?

Yep, oak.
Those marks on my table are 50mm

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Nice work and great idea!!! output is fantastic!

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Here’s for a little image sampler fun.

Basic 3 axis milling, though.


Incredible! Good work!

Greetings from Brasil!

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You like over-engineering, huh ?
Check out the new version of my rower-bike :slight_smile:
“La Brasinette” !

The Alps.