Grasshopper & KUKA/Robotics Tutorials

Hi Guys,

I specialise in robotics and fast prototyping for architecture and have started a series of tutorials for free on YouTube teaching the basics of using robots via Grasshopper. Please feel free to check them out and offer any constructive criticism:

Click here for the tutorials

Thanks and keep creating!


Thank you, Karl. Very helpful. We have a KUKA KR6 R900 and a KR6 R700 in a KORE Cart. On order, we will have a KR60-3 on a KL1000 (3m rail) in May. I’m a professor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA in the Architecture Department, along with being the campus faculty lead for our soon to be makerspace. Currently, we have a space dedicated for CNC routing, laser cutting, 3D printing, robotics, and a ton of wood shop and other shop work. I’m teaching studio, Rhino, Grasshopper/Python, fabrication, design/build, and portfolio classes. I’m focusing on shaping surfboards and making larger architectural projects/panel systems with the new KUKA, as soon as it’s delivered.

Let’s keep in touch,

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Excellent work - I’d love to get my hands on two units!


Thanks for posting these, I’ve been hunting for something just like these.
I don’t have any robotics experience yet, but am interested on how they
could be used in the fabrication of heavy timber elements.


Theres some great work out there with timber. I’m actually setting up a circular saw on my KUKA today.

I’d recommend googling the work done at Hooke Parke or check out Oliver David Krieg’s work.