5 axis milling with Grasshopper & KUKA|prc Video Tutorial

Hi Guys!

I’ve done a new KUKA prc & Grasshopper tutorial for 5 axis milling, hopefully someone will find it helpful!

You can find the tutorial here:


Good video. Thanks for posting it. As someone who did a CNC interface proposal for LinuxCNC, I was interested how they set up the machine.

I did see an option for a lower-quality representation of the machine in your video. Perhaps that might help on your notebook computer.

Kuka’s are nice robots. I saw someone tear down a hydraulic/harmonic driven one to fix it.

I’ve made a 3-axis CNC from old wafer fabrication machine parts. I have some old electric-harmonic drives kicking around, and whenever I see something like that, it makes me think…

The video also reminds me that I am still new to Grasshopper, though I’ve used Rhino for some years.

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