Robotic workshop : milling services + offline programming courses

Xylotica is a new workshop located in Albi, France built on 20 years of experience with Rhino / GH ; we are equipped with a large robotic arm, a 7th axis (turntable) and a powerful spindle with tool changer.
We are a member of the association “Robots in Architecture”.

We can offer milling services for the construction industry, as well as mold plugs, special furniture, scale models, … anything large and complex.

We can also organize hands-on (in situ) training sessions for offline programming of KUKA robots with Grasshopper + Kuka|prc and Fusion 360. (English version coming soon)


…and we designed a bicycle-rower.


Here’s our first Youtube video, featuring wood, photogrammetry, quad remesh, offline simulation, robotic milling…what’s not to love ?


Bicycle rower V2 :slight_smile:

Kinda reminds me of something like the shake weight, but in bicycle form.

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Woah… this is on the verge of NSFW…