Shadows “wireframe tracing”


I’ve started a drawing lessons and I have a problem with figuring out how shadow will looks like depending on the sun angle and direction. And I just wondering is it possible in Rhino to have a view which provide a straight line connected shape corner and its analogue corner on shadow. If I move my object and change a sun properties shadow and above mentioned line will update. It will be very helpful to learn how shadows fits depending on object complexity and sun direction.

Is it possibe to do this?

I attach a drawing represents better my problem.


2021-03-15 09-12-20.2021-03-15 09_14_36

You could try something like this: (8.2 KB)



Thank you @diff-arch

This is what I was looking for. Unfortunately I know very basics of gh, now I see I need to learn it. Can you shortly describe how can I change my object ? It will work for random objects ?

If you’re geometry is a mesh, you right-click the Mesh component and select Set One Mesh and select it in your Rhino scene.

Hm, probably for objects that are similar to the one you’ve shown in your sketch.



Thank you

Check this aswell (15.6 KB)


Thank you.

I have the same question: How can i change objects?

Where can I find good tutorials for learn gh from the beginning? What do you guys recommend ?