Shadow on 3D-Line

Sorry I haven’t found an answer yet in the forum, I hope someone can help me.

I use lines on Objects to simulate divisions between metal panels. Is there a way to change the Render preview settings in order to get apply a shadow on the line. The lines now don’t receive any shadows, the color always stay the same…

I usually just use the command _Viewcapturetofile because i have to output the views quickly and don’t have time to render it always.

Thanks in advice.

Hello - see if ApplyCurvePiping on the lines gets you something useful.


Thank for quick respond, I try that already unfortunately don’t work, if I zoom out I still see only the curve color.

Hello - if you ExtractPipedCurve you can gat the mesh of the pipe, and hide the curve itself.


A possible solution to try if you want your joint lines to remain light gray color (subtle look on white surfaces) but not look odd and white under shadow is to make the lines color black with some transparency applied (possible only in Rhino V7). Here is a test, left side has black lines with transparent color:



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oh great, that is the effect im looking for. Than i just have to get rhino 7.