Shadows Render Over Linework in Artistic Mode

Using a custom “Artistic” display mode in the latest WIP. Shadows appear to render over lines in a way that is undesirable, see screenshots:

Shadows off: lines are crisp and dark: 58%20PM

Shadows on: light-colored shadow overlays on linework

Is there a way to control this already? May be just missing it… Intended behavior? Otherwise it seems like in most use cases it would be better to have the shadows render underneath

are you using bootcamp?

This is due to the light gray shadow color set in the technical mode (technical, pen, artistic all work the same here) I don’t have a workaround for you but filed this as for future reference. This is how tech modes work in Rhino 6 for Windows as well when the shadow color is lighter than the line work.

ah good to know – thanks!